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AV Support

Fresnel LightLights, Action, Camera!  There is a reason that lights come first.  If you can't see the action then you are lost.  If you can't hear what is being said then you are wasting your time.Great entertainment is just part of your successful event. You need great lighting and sound as well.

When hiring Paul for a show you need to think about what he is going to look like in front of your guests.  Do you have a stage? Do you need one?  Do you need lights? Sound? Video support?

Here is everything you need to know:
For groups of 50 or less no tech is required. Paul does perform in intimate settings.  This is usually in someone's home, at small office meetings or events, or at very small banquets.
For groups of 50 to 100 we recommend a small sound system.  Paul supplies his own microphone. You can supply the sound system or we can supply it for you.
For groups of 100 to 250 we recommend a mid size sound system and lights as well as a small stage.
For groups over 250 people Paul needs lights, sounds, and a stage.Stage Lights

On stages Paul requires four feet deep and 8 feet wide free space with no obstructions between him and the audience.
On stages more than eight inches stairs stage left and right.
On stages more then 16 feet across stairs on the front of the stage.

Video ProjectorFor multi media shows Paul uses live video feed and needs an RCA tie in to the video system.

We can provide small to medium size sound, lighting, and video support at a reasonable price.

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