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How to write a trade show script

San Francisco trade show magician, Paul Nathan lends you a hand with some simple tips to make your trade show presentation effective with a great script.

Whether you hire a professional trade show presenter, or have one of your own team deliver presentations an effective script is the key to success. When developing your presentation it’s best to keep follow these four simple steps:


Consider your goals

Write an outline

Include a call to action

Goals: As you work towards an effective presentation the first thing you need to do is decide what you want to achieve. Is your goal to make sales on the spot, introduce a new product or service, build your brand, or garner leads? Probably some combination of these is what you are striving for. The first step in an effective presentation is to identify these goals. These goals should inform the decisions you make as you begin writing your outline.

Keep it simple. A simple outline of what you want to get across is vital. Pick three key points you want to deliver. Trade booths are not classrooms. Even the most informative presentations need to stay focused on a few key points. If you want to deliver more information then invite people to join classrooms, or demonstrations after your main presentation.

Develop your script. Once you have focused on a few key messages it’s time to flesh out your script.

Comedy is good. Studies show that people forget almost all of what they see and hear in the first 24 hours. Getting people to laugh increases retention by 15% and getting them involved further increases retention. So don’t be afraid to make jokes. Comedy also helps retain and even build audiences at your booth. More people in the booth, more message delivered. This is why almost all expert trade show presenters include comedy in their presentations.

Once you are happy with the messaging in your script make sure that you include a call to action at the end. This can be an invitation to come see a live demo, join a class, but most often includes having an attendee’s badge scanned or filling out a lead card. Enticements such as free tee shirts or other branded swag are a great way to build booth traffic and excitement.

Paul Nathan is a San Francisco trade show magician and presenter with 20 years experience. Paul had produced more than a million leads for dozens of companies resulting in over a hundred million dollars in revenue directly attributed to his marketing expertise. You can find out more about Paul Nathan at: 

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