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Live presentations at your trade show booth.

San Francisco trade show magician, Paul Nathan lends you a hand with some simple marketing tips for keeping your booth full at your next trade show.

Ever wonder why some trade show booths are full all day long and others are not? There are a number of things you can do to fill up your booth and keep it full. Marketing starts long before the show opens. Here is a great article about marketing in advance of your show. Once the show is open there are a few things you can do to bring traffic in, get your message out, and drive lead acquisition. The single most effective tool is a live presentation.

Spinning wheels, models, and costume characters increase interest in your booth but a competent trade show presenter brings in traffic while delivering your message in a memorable manner. They also drive lead acquisition, qualify the leads on the spot, and drive traffic to your sales staff.


The best trade show presenters work with you in advance to create a custom script which highlights your most important key messaging points. See our article on effective script writing for tips on getting the most out of your presentation. Your message in integrated into a fun, memorable presentation.

Some of the best presenters are magicians who specialize in trade shows. Using fun magic tricks, comedy, and performance techniques honed over years of performance these experts help you fill your booth, deliver your message in a way that people remember, and get you more leads. When looking for a magician or other type of presenter to work in your booth make sure that they are experienced at trade shows.

Experienced trade show presenters are not cheap but deliver great value. Studies show that live presentations typically double your lead count. Considering your overall budget, live trade show presenters deliver the best ROI you can get for your advertising dollars.

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Paul Nathan is a San Francisco trade show magician and presenter with 20 years experience. Paul had produced more than a million leads for dozens of companies resulting in over a hundred million dollars in revenue directly attributed to his marketing expertise. You can find out more about Paul Nathan at:

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