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Over the years I've worked on a few music videos.  I had less to do in these than in some but they are my favorites by far.

This video was shot in twelve cities, six countries, four continents in fourteen days.  My friends at Ministry of Information out of Berlin called me when they came to San Francisco.  I got a few friends together and we spent a day shooting, dancing, drinking, and having fun. The bunny is my good friend Scott Levkoff.


Mr. Krinkle
We shot this with Primus about a million years ago.  It's a fun video with just about every variety artist in San Francisco. As you can see, the whole video was shot on a single camera on a single shot.  We spent the day rehearsing and shot it in three takes (we got it on the first one and shot a couple of extra for safety).

Although I have done a lot of work on TV and film, this is by far my favorite:
Star Trek Voyager, The Thaw


On December 29th 2006 I threw an absinthe party that was raided by the police. This was the only absinthe party in US history to be raided in the one hundred year ban on absinthe here in the US.

Little Green Book of AbsintheWorking with web genius Bob "the bunnyman" Mendelsohn we created a website about absinthe called Absintheology. I spent a couple of years touring around the world going to absinthe distilleries, farms where the ingredients were grown, and to museums with absinthe paraphernalia.

The fun I had turned into a book deal
The Little Green Book of Absinthe was published in 2010

In 1999 and 2000 I worked with a brilliant and creative photographer named Kingmond Young  on a series of images for his book, Urban Circus.  You can see a lot of his work here but much more of it in his book and on his site.

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