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Little green Absinthe BookIn addition to magic Paul also has presentations about absinthe. These presentations have been made primarily at Climate Theater in San Francisco but also at events around the world including San Francisco's prestigious DeYoung Museum.  Each presentation is about 25 minutes and includes pictures and video.

Absinthe 101 - This presentation gives an overview of what absinthe is. A brief history of absinthe. Explains why absinthe was banned in Europe and here in America and why the ban was lifted. The presentation includes demonstrations of the proper way to prepare absinthe and a few classic and modern cocktails from his book, The Little Green Book of Absinthe.

A Brief History of Absinthe - This presentation focuses on the history of absinthe from it's humble beginnings in Greece through it's history as a medicinal tonic, and finally it's modern incarnation as a delicious and mysterious beverage.

Paul Nathan, Kingmond Young, Golden Gate BridgeIf you are more into doing than watching then you might prefer and absinthe tasting party.
Paul offers absinthe tastings including a variety of types and flavors from around the world. Tastings include signed copies of Paul's book.

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For those with a more theatrical bent we offer
Devil in the Deck
This is a theatrical presentation with a live band and multimedia show.
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