Bad Magician

What a Party


The party is great.  Music, shows, celebrities, and politicians. I do love Berlin.

Behind me is the Rote Rat Hause. Red City Hall, Rat House seems more honest.

Berlin’s Mayor is the coolest guy in the world.  Klaus Wowereit (I’m sure I’m spelling that wrong, I’ll look it up later).

I’m performing at his annual fundraiser. As a magician from San Francisco I thought they were going to want me to represent America, but my job was to host a burlesque show at the party as the Devil.  Berliner's are a strange bunch.

Klaus made a name for himself by coming out as the first openly gay mayor of a capital city in Europe. During the campaign the opposition was going to out him. He called a press conference and said “Ich bin schvool, und das ist auch gut so” which roughly translates to I’m gay and that’s OK.

He also said “Berlin ist arm abba sexy”  Berlin is poor but sexy.  So true.

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