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What to look for when searching for a magician online

comedySan Francisco trade show magician, Paul Nathan gives you some simple tips for booking a magician online. There are over a hundred thousand magicians working in the US.  Some of them have great shows that are appropriate for families, some specialize in comedy clubs and have a bit of adult content in them, many specialize in children’s entertainment. What should you look for when deciding which magician to choose.

First identify the type of show you are looking for. Do you want a trade show presenter or do you need a kids show magician? Do you want an illusion show or someone to stroll amongst your guests at a cocktail party and do small tricks? Funny or Serious?

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Most magicians have a website that outlines what they offer as well as pictures, videos, client lists, and customer testimonials.  Look for someone who clicks with what you are looking for, then check out their online videos if they have any. The quality of the website will tell you something about the quality of the performer but beware.  Any teenage kid can create a great looking site and inexperienced performers often just copy the marketing material from successful artists.  Look for content on the site that is specific and makes sense.

Let’s take a look at one site in particular. Bad Magician performs all over the world.  That means that he has been hired to perform in China, Japan, Australia, Europe, and all over the US.  Searching the web you will see sites for some magicians who claim to have performed all over the world when in fact they have done tricks for people while they were on vacation with their parents. Look for images and video of the performer doing the kind of show you are looking for.

Some of the less accomplished entertainers will post general marketing messages like:
Performs for top corporations, or Performs at the best events. Looks to see what top event and fortune 500 companies they have performed for and what they did for these companies.  There is a big difference between being hired once to stroll around at a cocktail party for an hour and putting together a custom show at the center of a marketing meeting or trade show.

The video tells the story.  If you like the performer in the video, then you will probably like them live, but look for a video that is not cut up too much.  Some performers will edit the video to a point where it looks nothing like what they really do.  One unscrupulous performer took the standing ovation from someone else’s video tape and used it in his own – now that really is a bad magician. Watching the videos on you will notice that the routines run from one end to the other, so you really do get an idea of what you will see on stage.  You know what to expect. If you like the video and the act seems to fit with what you are looking for then give the performer a call and see if you click.  If so, book the act and enjoy.

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